Adani-Total Energies to Set up 26 EV Charging Stations on Four UP Expressways

The charging services cost of the 26 EV charging stations of Adani-Total Energies E-Mobility Ltd will be Rs 9.74 per kilowatt-hour

The Uttar Pradesh Expressways Industrial Development Authority (UPEIDA) board has given the green light to Adani-Total Energies E-Mobility Ltd to set up EV charging stations along four expressways in Uttar Pradesh.

Adani-Total Energies E-Mobility Ltd will install 26 EV charging stations along key expressways, including the Agra-Lucknow, Bundelkhand, Purvanchal, and Gorakhpur Link expressways.

Under the approved project, the Uttar Pradesh Government will offer a 10-year lease on 2,000 square feet of space per station for the 26 charging stations.

After acquiring the land, Adani-Total Energies E-Mobility Ltd will have to set up public charging stations within 180 days.

Moreover, from the sixth year onward, the government will receive 5 per cent of the gross revenue from each charging station.

What will be the cost of the Charging Service?

Adani-Total Energies E-Mobility Ltd has set the cost of its charging services at Rs 9.74 per kilowatt-hour.

This competitive pricing aims to encourage electric vehicle usage while minimizing the financial burden on vehicle owners.

Late last year, UPEIDA invited bids from several private companies to set up EV charging stations along four expressways.

A government official reported that nearly a dozen companies, including Adani-Total Energies, Reliance, GMR Energy, Lightzip Technologies, EV Plexus, and Siemens, participated in the bidding process.

However, the Adani-Total Energies E-Mobility Ltd emerged as the winning bidder.

For those unaware, last December, Adani Total Gas announced the target of setting up 75,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations by 2030.

Charging Stations & Roadside Amenities

The objective of this joint venture is to address the increasing demand for convenient and accessible charging stations for electric vehicles, thereby supporting the state’s transition towards sustainable mobility solutions.

Apart from 26 EV charging stations, the state government will establish roadside amenities along the Bundelkhand, Purvanchal and Gorakhpur Link expressways.

These amenities will include parking spaces for vehicles, food and beverage outlets, ATMs, basic medical and first-aid facilities, small repair shops and more.

UP Government Vision for EV Infrastructure

With a goal to attain complete e-mobility by 2030, the Uttar Pradesh government is taking steps to increase renewable energy production, notably through solar initiatives.

Moreover, the government aims to encourage the adoption of sustainable solutions, particularly electric vehicles (EVs).

Noticeably, Uttar Pradesh leads in registered electric vehicles on its roads, with nearly 25 per cent of the country’s total EVs.

So, as the EV industry continues to grow, the state government plans to attract investment, encourage sustainable transportation, and develop a reliable and robust network of EV charging stations in various public places and residential areas.