Aventose Energy Patented Platform to Boost E2W Adoption from 5% to 30% by 2030

Aventose Energy electric 2-wheeler lineup aims to capture the 100-150cc petrol equivalent market

Aventose Energy’s patented adaptable system, featuring a range of electric two-wheeler (e2w) options, can help the government achieve the 30% EV adoption target by 2030. 

In FY2023-24, electric two-wheeler adoption in India reached its highest point at 5.5%. However, even after the introduction of numerous new models by OEMs and offering heavy discounts, the adoption rate remained low.

Aventose intends to create, produce, market, and maintain a variety of popular electric two-wheelers with significant advantages. 

Aventose S110 enduring torrential rains (Source: Aventose Energy)
Aventose S110 enduring torrential rains (Source: Aventose Energy)
  • Affordable pricing 

    The affordable pricing stems from employing a patented unified platform, which allows 70-80% shared components across four distinct e2w models. Innovative early-stage engineering primarily drove the reduction in costs.
  • Product Quality 

    Ensuring product quality, particularly in terms of durability and reliability, is crucial for markets like India. That’s because there are challenging road conditions and rigorous usage scenarios. 

    In many developing nations, these vehicles serve not only as transportation for families but also as valuable assets and sources of income. Therefore, Aventose aims to deliver a service life of 200,000km to match the top-performing petrol-powered two-wheelers available.
  • Charging infrastructure 

    Regarding charging infrastructure, Aventose’s product range stands out from India’s predominantly fixed-battery electric two-wheeler solutions. Notably, the company offers removable batteries and portable chargers. It means you can charge Aventose vehicles conveniently at any location and time.
Aventose Energy expects India's 2-wheeler market growth of $26 billion by 2029 
(Source: Aventose Energy)
(Source: Aventose Energy)

Aventose Energy: Market Expansion Strategy

Aventose has developed its vehicles specifically for the worldwide market. It knows the significant growth expected in the Indian 2-wheeler market, projected to reach $26 billion by 2029. Moreover, the larger global market is forecasted to reach $393 billion by 2030, according to market analyses.

The company designed its product lineup to cater to the needs of diverse markets, including India, Europe, Africa, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific region.

In terms of product-market fit, Aventose’s electric 2-wheeler range aims to capture the 100-150cc petrol equivalent market, which accounts for 85% of both the Indian and global 2-wheeler market segments.

Aventose’s portfolio includes a broad spectrum of target markets and demographics. The company designed its models, such as S110, S125, M125, and M150, to address various demographic profiles, geographic regions, and usage scenarios. These four models will be available in different variants to address diverse requirements within each market segment.

About Aventose Energy

Aventose stands for “A Venture To Save Earth.” Their goal is to boost the adoption of electric vehicles and decrease carbon emissions by 2030. They have created a robust platform for e2w tailored to withstand the challenging Indian road conditions.

Their goal is to foster widespread adoption of electric vehicles and make a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions by 2030.