BMW Teases Vision Neue Klasse X Concept, the Next-Gen BMW Electric Car

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X Concept SAV has 30% faster charging and offers a 300km range in just 10 minutes.

BMW recently unveiled their new concept car, dubbed the Vision Neue Klasse X. The electric crossover SUV offers insight into the future of the German automaker’s SUVs, also referred to as Sports Activity Vehicles (SAVs).

The next-gen EV will enter series production at Plant Debrecen in Hungary, projected to start in 2025. Furthermore, the German automaker has been consistently introducing new EV models, such as the iX compact SUV and electric variants of the 4, 5, and 7 Series.

BMW has been preparing for the next step in its EV evolution for a long time. The Neue Klasse (New Class) is the third phase. For those unaware, Project “i” was the first phase. It involved transferring electric know-how to the i3 and i8 models. In the second phase, BMW introduced fully electric powertrain options across various popular segments, including the i4, i5, and i7.

More Efficiency

Currently, the powertrain is the focal point for BMW. It is where the German automaker is putting their most effort into the upcoming EVs.

According to BMW, the rounded battery cells have a 20% higher energy density than the prismatic cells commonly used in EV batteries. Moreover, the battery and the vehicle’s 800-volt design allow it to charge 30% faster than usual. In addition, BMW claims the EV can achieve a 300km range in only 10 minutes.

Interestingly, the German automaker did not reveal the total range of the Vision Neue Klasse X. However, they did mention that it would offer around 30% more range than previous variants.

Moreover, to improve the range further, the automaker is considering reducing drag by 20% compared to the present model lineup. As per BMW, the overall package includes new tyres and special brakes aimed at increasing efficiency by 25%.

Neue Klasse X can achieve a 300km range in only 10 minutes. (Source: BMW)

Elegant Design

A notable feature of the Vision Neue Klasse X is its design, which includes a new grille. BMW describes it as a reimagined three-dimensional sculpture with vertically aligned and backlit contours.

Furthermore, the vehicle features unique front and rear bumpers and 3D-printed components. Notably, BMW used recycled mono-material for the black plastic parts of the front bumper and the side panel.

The Neue Klasse feature the new-gen BMW iDrive (Source: BMW)

Stunning Interior

A longer wheelbase and shorter overhangs allow ample space in the light-flooded interior. The interior of the Vision Neue Klasse X has a lot of features, including:

  • The new generation of BMW iDrive
  • BMW Panoramic Vision (information displayed at an ideal height across the entire width of the windshield)
  • The Central Display
  • Redesigned steering wheel with multifunction button.

Moreover, the interior of the Vision Neue Klasse X features surface materials, which are plant-based, mineral-based, and petroleum-free. Also, BMW aims to reduce the vehicle’s environmental footprint with mono-material construction and enhanced recyclability.

The Vision Neue Klasse X’s enhanced efficiency, sleek design, striking interior, and innovative features hint at exciting developments ahead for BMW.