CATL New 1000km Range LFP EV Battery Promises 600km range in 10-min Charge

CATL Shenxing Plus battery's 4C ultra-fast charging functions can charge EVs in -20 degrees Celsius

The Chinese EV battery maker CATL recently unveiled a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery called Shenxing Plus. The company asserted the new battery can extend 600km range with 10 minutes of charging. Moreover, the Shenxing Plus battery will offer over 1000km range on a full charge, as per Reuters. 

Did you know that most EVs have lithium-ion batteries, which are less eco-friendly than LFP batteries?

The EV manufacturers will be able to use the new battery soon. It’s good news for the EV buyers, as it will lessen the range anxiety issues. Not only that, but it will promote the EV segment as well.

With such battery advancement, more car buyers will lean towards battery-powered cars instead of ICE-powered models.

Gao Huan, Chief Technology Officer of CATL’s e-car division, said:

The Shenxing Plus is the world’s first LFP battery boasting such a range. Four car models use the current-generation Shenxing battery with its 700 km range, and over 50 more models will be equipped with it by year-end.

Features of Shexing Plus Battery

According to multiple reports, the Shenxing Plus is the first battery with 4C ultra-fast charging functions. Interestingly, you will get a one-km range with just one minute of charging. In addition, you can supercharge the Shenxing Plus battery even in low temperatures of up to -20 degrees Celsius.

Media sources state that the new battery from CATL has an energy density of 205 Wh/kg, highlighting more efficiency and performance. Further, the company developed it by employing in-house 3D honeycomb material.

Chinese battery maker, including CATL, dominated with two-thirds of the total global electric vehicle (EV) battery capacity. 
(Source: CATL)
(Source: CATL)

CATL Global Market Response

Last year, Chinese battery manufacturers surpassed global competitors as they experienced an accelerated growth trajectory. Also, they dominated with two-thirds of the total global electric vehicle (EV) battery capacity, as per data from Counterpoint Research.

Moreover, several established global automakers, including Toyota, Ford, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Tesla, ordered batteries from BYD and CATL.

Wrapping Up

The Chinese battery makers are introducing cheaper advanced batteries, encouraging buyers to opt for sustainable mobility.

Although LFP batteries are more cost-effective, they are known for low energy density. For some potential EV buyers, it’s a compromise between affordability and energy storage capacity. However, CATL aims to change that with its new Shenxing Plus battery.