All-Electric Mahindra BE.05 Spotted Testing in Production-Ready Design

Mahindra BE.05 to launch by October 2025, while the XUV.e8 is expected to release in late 2024

Mahindra is preparing to introduce three new electric cars: the BE.05, XUV.e8, and XUV.e9. Collective testing of these vehicles is underway in Mumbai, with Mahindra BE.05 seeming to be the most production-ready.

Mahindra revealed the BE prototypes in the UK last year. Also, it displayed the BE.05 in Hyderabad prior to the Formula E event earlier this year. The Indian automaker gave approximate launch dates for every car during the UK debut. This indicates the company might release the BE.05 by October 2025. Moreover, given its complexity, Mahindra appears to have started testing the vehicle early.

Recently, Mahindra & Mahindra board declared that, until March 31, 2027, it will invest ₹12,000 crore in Mahindra Electric Automobile Limited (MEAL), its electric vehicles subsidiary. The majority of this investment will go into developing and marketing a premium lineup of electric SUVs.

Mahindra BE.05 has massive, squared-off wheel arches and scooped-out hood. 
(Source: New Mahindra Electric SUV)
(Source: New Mahindra Electric SUV)

Exterior Design

The latest spy photos from media outlets show how aggressive Mahindra designed the BE.05 model. The car offers a robust appearance thanks to its massive, squared-off wheel arches and scooped-out hood.

Large air inlets, a blanked-off grille, and slim LED DRLs linked to a light bar highlight the front profile. Furthermore, the back design of Mahindra BE.05 is just as eye-catching. It includes a sloped windscreen, a split rear spoiler, and linked C-shaped LED taillamps with sequential turn indicators.

Massive front and back bumpers, a sloping roofline that smoothly blends into the boot lip, and a rear door handle that resembles the XUV.e9 are further design features.

The BE.05's features include a floating center console with storage underneath (Source: New Mahindra Electric SUV)


The BE.05’s interior is significantly distinctive from other compact SUVs in this segment. Mahindra arranged the cabin’s center console and dashboard by keeping the driver in mind, making for a more enjoyable drive.

The BE.05’s features include a floating center console with storage underneath, dual displays for the infotainment and instrument panel, and a twin-spoke steering wheel with an illuminated “BE” logo. Moreover, strap-styled grab handles enhance the vehicle’s unique interior appearance.

Mahindra to introduce the XUV.e8 in the late 2024 (Source: New Mahindra Electric SUV)
(Source: New Mahindra Electric SUV)

Expected Launch

The company will launch the BE.05 in the second half of 2025, placing it above the Mahindra XUV400. The EV aims to raise the bar for all-electric vehicle standards with its advanced technology and unique design.

Furthermore, last November, the Mahindra XUV.e8 electric SUV was sighted testing in India. Also, the automaker will more likely introduce the XUV.e8 in the late 2024. Thus, prospective customers and EV enthusiasts are getting more excited as Mahindra tests BE.05 along with the XUV.e8 and XUV.e9.