Bajaj Chetak Premium: Name Changed to Blue Line 3201 and EV Price Update

Bajaj Chetak EV price starts at Rs 95,998, with mid-spec Chetak Urbane costing Rs 1.23 lakh and Chetak Premium Rs 1.47 lakh

In early June, Bajaj Auto unveiled the Blue Line 2901, the least expensive variant of its Chetak electric scooter. The Bajaj Chetak EV price of Rs 95,998 attracted significant attention. The 2901 standard version competed with models like the Ola S1 X – 4kWh (Rs 99,999), TVS iQube (Rs 1.17 lakh), and Vida V1 (Rs 1.03 lakh).

However, the meaning of the suffix remained unclear. The Indian automaker confirmed that it will apply this new naming convention to other Chetak variants in the upcoming months. This includes renaming the top-spec Chetak Premium to the Chetak Blue Line 3201.

The battery pack in the Chetak Blue Line 2901 holds 2.9 kWh capacity, and its trim level is 01.
Source: Bajaj

What is ‘Blue Line 2901?’

According to Bajaj, ‘Blue Line’ indicates they built all these scooters using the original electric Chetak platform introduced in 2019. Thus, upcoming models based on this platform will also include the ‘Blue Line’ in their names.

So, what’s ‘2901?’ Well, the first two digits show the battery capacity, and the last two digits indicate the trim level. The battery pack in the Chetak Blue Line 2901 holds 2.9 kWh capacity, and its trim level is 01.

It means Bajaj will name the Chetak Premium the Blue Line 3201 because it comes with a 3.2 kWh battery. Moreover, it’s probable that the mid-spec Chetak Urbane will be named the Blue Line 2902.

The mid-spec Chetak Urbane costs Rs 1.23 lakh
Bajaj Chetak EV price starts at Rs 95,998 (Source: Bajaj)

Different Variants and Prices

Currently, the Bajaj Chetak EV prices are as follows:

  • The Blue Line 2901 starts at Rs 95,998
  • The mid-spec Chetak Urbane costs Rs 1.23 lakh
  • The Chetak Premium priced at Rs 1.47 lakh

Note that these prices are ex-showroom and include the EMPS subsidy.

Bajaj has reduced the price of the Blue Line 2901 by approximately Rs 20,000 compared to the Urbane. That’s because the automaker removed several features, such as replacing the front storage compartment with open storage bins.

The 2901 model does not include a remote key fob like the Chetak Premium. Instead, it uses a regular key and key slot. Also, it has a less powerful motor and a lower top speed of 63 km/h compared to other models.

Wrapping Up

The Chetak is available for sale in more than 500 showrooms across India. Bajaj, the third-largest electric two-wheeler manufacturer in India in terms of monthly sales, has surpassed Ather Energy. They aim to match TVS Motor Company, which plans to sell over 25,000 electric scooters monthly with its expanded product lineup.