BLive Introduces Economical EV Rental Program for Last-mile Delivery Riders

With the new program offering rental prices at Rs1500/week, BLive riders can cut their fuel costs by 90%

BLive, an E-mobility platform, has started a new program called BLive EZY EV Rental Program. It’s made for delivery riders who need electric vehicles for last-mile mobility. The program helps them with money issues when they switch to EVs.

The BLive EZY EV Rental Program helps delivery riders deal with money problems, especially needing a good CIBIL score to get loans. The program offers good prices and flexible options, making it easier to switch to electric vehicles. Rental prices start at Rs 1500 per week, so delivery partners can use EVs without hassle.

The AI-powered platform connects everything related to electric vehicles. This includes EV makers, food delivery partners such as Zomato and Swiggy, finance and charging solution providers, and gig workers. Fleet operators who join as franchisee partners can use complete fleet management solutions to start, run, and handle fleets. This helps in making sustainable transportation options more widespread.

The AI-powered platform connects everything related to electric vehicles (Source: Blive)
(Source: Blive)

The founder of BLive Samarth Kholkar, said:

“The BLive EZY EV Rental Program is a step forward in making electric vehicles more accessible, providing a cost-effective and hassle-free way for riders to own their EVs. We believe this initiative will not only empower riders but also contribute significantly to reducing carbon emissions in our cities,”

BLive mentioned that 77% of last-mile delivery riders have money problems, like difficult loan processes and high interest rates. To help with these issues, BLive has added a “Rent to Own” choice to its program. This means riders can buy the EVs after renting them for 36 months. Moreover, it encourages using eco-friendly transportation for a long time and supports the idea of many people using it.

77% of last-mile delivery riders have money problems (Source: Blive)

That’s why BLive wants to put 10,000 electric vehicles on the road in the next year. They are looking for more franchisee partners to help them achieve their goal of switching to electric for last-mile mobility

The company says that riders can cut their fuel costs by as much as 90% with the program. The BLive EZY EV Rental Program has started working in five cities: Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Goa. They have given out more than 200 electric vehicles to last-mile delivery riders.