Royal Enfield’s First Electric Bike Design Leaked: Launch Date and Price?

Royal Enfield to likely name its first electric bike as ElectriK01 and price it around Rs 2-2.5 lakhs

Well-known Indian motorcycle manufacturer Royal Enfield plans to venture into the electric two-wheeler market in the coming years. Patent designs for Royal Enfield’s first electric bike reveal the design of the final model. It looks like a vintage-inspired street bike equipped with an electric motor.

According to numerous media reports, the electric motorcycle will have the name ElectriK01. Additionally, it will incorporate an electric propulsion system. The battery unit will be integrated into the chassis, which will be crafted from lightweight aluminum. Meanwhile, the overall aesthetic will draw inspiration from classic designs.

The front suspension features an intriguing design that modernizes the classic girder fork style seen on classic motorcycles. The headlight is circular, accompanied by similarly round turn signals, a traditional tear-drop-shaped fuel tank, a single-seat saddle, and a rounded fender design. All of this highlights the retro aesthetic of the electriK01.

Currently, details regarding the electric motor’s specifications remain undisclosed. However, there might be a chain or belt mechanism transferring power to the rear wheel.

Royal Enfield will likely price its electric bike around Rs 2.0-2.5 lakh. If it launches next year in India, the bike will take on Okaya Ferrato Disruptor, Oben Rorr, and more. But we’ll have to wait to see how Royal Enfield positions its debut electric motorcycle.

Royal Enfield electric bike HIM-E Concept

The launch date of the electriK01 production model remains uncertain. However, judging from the patent image, the design of Royal Enfield’s electric motorcycle seems ready for production.

Royal Enfield has been actively developing and testing electric bikes for quite some time. So, there is a possibility that the Indian automaker may introduce its electric bike within this year.

In 2022, the company invested over 10% ownership of Stark Future, a Spanish company specializing in electric motocross bikes. This move suggested a strategic and long-term partnership between the two companies.

Last year, Royal Enfield unveiled an electric adventure motorcycle prototype (Himalayan) at the EICMA exhibition in Milan. Siddhartha Lal, the head of Royal Enfield, openly acknowledged that the brand is actively developing electric motorcycle platforms but is proceeding cautiously with its electric vehicle lineup.