EV Startup Raptee Energy Manufactures First Electric Motorcycle, Launch Soon

The expected price tag for Raptee 200-250cc electric bike is around Rs 2.5 lakh

Chennai-based EV startup Raptee Energy unveiled its first electric production-ready motorcycle from its Chennai manufacturing plant. The facility is capable of producing up to 100,000 units annually.

In 2019, Raptee entered the mid-premium motorcycle market as an electric alternative. High-voltage powertrain technology powers the company’s full-stack electric motorcycle, ensuring impressive performance.

This technology is standard in the passenger car industry. Hence, the startup asserts that its motorcycles can interface with CCS2 charging stations, making them compatible with existing electric car charging infrastructure.

In a media release, Raptee Energy announced that its assembly line in Chennai is now fully operational. Also, the company is preparing for the commercial launch within this quarter. The release mentioned that the initial batch of motorcycles will undergo extensive testing and homologation procedures. These include ARAI certification and on-road safety checks, ensuring they meet the highest quality standards and performance.

According to Raptee’s Co-founder and CEO, Dinesh Arjun, the company’s plan for the first year of production is to sell 10,200 motorcycles, positioning them to compete in the 200-250 cc category.

Raptee motorcycles can interface with CCS2 charging stations. (Source: Raptee)

Raptee Energy’s First Store

Raptee’s CBO, Jayapradeep Vasudevan, stated that the company will establish distribution networks across India, beginning in Chennai. This will involve adopting a hybrid approach, integrating online and offline channels. The expected price tag for the e-bike is around ₹2.5 lakh.

In June 2023, the EV startup established its manufacturing plant alongside its R&D centre in Chennai. Raptee subsequently announced an investment of ₹85 crore in the facility.
Additionally, the company manufactures its own battery packs and maintains a dedicated assembly line for them.

The startup also intends to launch its first store in Chennai, serving as a retail outlet and a brand experience centre.

Raptee manufactures its own battery packs (source: Raptee)
Dinesh Arjun and Jayapradeep V, with the prototype (Source: Raptee)

Distribution Strategy of Raptee

The EV startup is considering the Direct-to-Customer (DTC) model for its distribution strategy. However, the company understands that dealerships and physical experience centres are essential for establishing brand preference.

Post-launch, the startup will commence operations in Chennai and Bengaluru, with plans for six outlets in the first year, all under company ownership and operation. Furthermore, their expansion strategy involves opening outlets in Tier 1 cities across India. Also, the company plans to make its products available online to extend its reach.

Starting from the second year, they will launch dealership networks and rapidly scale up their presence. Currently, the EV startup has the capacity to produce 10,800 units. However, Raptee intends to establish the next facility once it reaches the 4,000 units per month threshold.