Delhi to Manali and Beyond! This Electric Bike can go 720km on a Full Charge

The Tooz electric bike comes with massive, plush seats to make long rides super comfortable

Electric vehicles are fast replacing their IC engine counterparts the world over. A major reason for this transition is the constant upgradation of their capabilities, especially range, which helps buyers overcome the one big fear associated with EVs – range anxiety. In a shining example of the same, Thailand-based electric vehicle firm Smartech has come up with a one-of-a-kind electric bike. Its speciality – a 720km range on a single charge.

Called Felo Tooz, the electric touring motorcycle was unveiled recently at the 45th Bangkok Motor Show. As mentioned above, the biggest highlight of the bike is its claimed 720km range, which even beats the range offered by many high-end electric cars. With the impressive range, the Felo Tooz is quite true to its nature as a touring motorcycle, but in an all-electric avatar.

Felo Tooz electric bike side profile

For those unaware, Felo is a subsidiary firm of Smartech, while Tooz is the name of the new electric bike. As of now, we only have limited information available about the Tooz, limited to what has been shared by the company so far. For instance, we know that the Felo Tooz features Vehicle to Load or V2L charging, allowing the motorcycle’s battery to power other devices. Felo says that the Tooz’s battery can be charged from 20-80 per cent in just 20 minutes using a Type2 charger.

From what we can deduce by looking at its images, the Felo Tooz has a rather functional design as a touring motorcycle. Large body panels, a massive top box and panniers, a wide handlebar, and plush, comfortable seats, make the Tooz the ideal electric bike for long hauls. Interestingly, one of the panniers can even be converted into a chilled box, making long rides even more convenient, especially during summer.

Felo Tooz electric bike side profile

Other notable features on the Felo Tooz include a 12-inch TFT display with navigation, a 360-degree camera, ABS as well as traction control. For now, the exact specifications of the battery and the motor powering the bike have not been revealed. Though we know that the 720km range will be more than enough to make it a capable touring motorcycle, especially in comparison to any IC engine bike.

Launch details of the Felo Tooz are yet to be out. Though we can expect its launch in Thailand in the next few months, following which, the company may go for a global rollout to fill in the important gap in this market segment.