New Yamaha Patent Shows Electric Motocross Bike Built for Competitive Riding

Yamaha has made improvements to its existing TY-E trials electric bike to tailor the upcoming vehicle for motocross riders

Yamaha seems to be gearing up for a new electric vehicle in its lineup. Going by a recent design patent that is now doing the rounds on the internet, this one will be an all-electric motocross bike. For this, Yamaha may have taken notes from its existing TY-E electric trials bike meant for a similar riding experience.

The new patent and the accompanying illustrations give an insight into how the new electric two-wheeler from Yamaha may look and feel. For instance, it hints at a carbon fiber monocoque chassis housing the battery, similar to what we see on the TY-E electric trials bike. The patent also reveals a brand-new transmission in the works that enhances traction and torque. This also tells us that the new electric motocross bike will be ideal for competitive motocross riding.

TY-E vs the Electric Motocross Bike

Yamaha electric motocross bike patent
Yamaha electric motocross bike patent

An important distinction from the TY-E will be a brand new torsion damper incorporated into the transmission system by Yamaha. This component on the upcoming electric bike is said to consist of two coaxially mounted rotors connected by springs.

These springs store energy, releasing it in response to throttle inputs. The system thus provides a brief surge of extra force at the rear wheel whenever the rider needs it during a competition. This system is also lighter and more compact than the flywheel setup we see on the TY-E. This torsion damper also helps to tailor the upcoming electric bike for enhanced performance in motocross competitions, unlike the clutch and flywheel energy store seen on the TY-E, which is meant for trials.

It is yet unknown as to when Yamaha will officially introduce the new electric motocross bike in its international markets. However, it is likely that a prototype of the bike will be unveiled to the world in the upcoming months. As and when it does, it will be interesting to see how one of the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturers plans to employ electric drivetrains in its future vehicle lineup across segments.