Switch Mobility to Supply 2,500 IeV4 e-LCVs to Tech Platform MoEVing

Switch Mobility IeV 4 is an intelligent e-LCV with a 32.2 kWh battery and 120km range.

Switch Mobility Ltd (Switch) has partnered with MoEVing to supply more than 2,500 Switch IeV4 eLCVs for logistics. The company statement confirmed the delivery of five SWITCH IeV4 vehicles from the initial 100-vehicle order on Wednesday.

For those unaware, Switch, a worldwide manufacturer of electric buses and light commercial vehicles, is part of the Hinduja Group. On the other hand, MoEVing, India’s leading electric mobility technology platform, delivers top-tier services in the industry.

Switch Mobility introduced the IeV4 into the light commercial vehicle (LCV) market, prioritizing zero emissions and last-mile logistics. In addition, Switch stated in a media release that the vehicles perfectly match MoEVing’s dedication to sustainable urban logistics.

Mahesh Babu, CEO of Switch Mobility Ltd., said, “Our SWITCH IeV4 is India’s first eLCV in a 3.5-ton category built on a cutting-edge 310V high-voltage architecture for enhanced performance. Our vehicle offers superior payload, extended range and maximised volumetric space, all resulting in a significantly better TCO, making the SWITCH IeV4 the smarter choice for a greener future.”

With a 32.2 kWh battery, Switch Mobility IeV4 delivers an impressive range of 120 km. (Source: Switch Mobility)
IeV4 has an impressive 120km range. (Source: Switch Mobility)

Representing the Switch IeV Series, the Switch IeV4 is an intelligent electric light commercial vehicle (eLCV). 

With a 32.2 kWh battery, it delivers an impressive range of 120 km. Moreover, its 60-kW motor and 230 Nm torque deliver robust performance.

Also, it offers a generous cargo space, ensuring safe, comfortable, and efficient operations. Additionally, with a 1700 kg payload capacity, the IeV4 includes the Switch iON system. Notably, it enhances fleet operations by offering advanced telematics.

In a media release, Switch stated that this system anticipates breakdowns with predictive maintenance and provides real-time insights to enhance delivery efficiency.

(Source: Switch Mobility)

Vikash Mishra, founder and CEO of MoEVing, said, “For the past 2 years, our partnership with Switch Mobility has been marked by its commendable proactive and collaborative approach to vehicle development. The arrival of the first batch of Switch IEV4 vehicles in Delhi for MoEVing fills us with immense pride. We will be introducing this innovative vehicle across all our customer networks, enhancing our commitment to transforming logistics with cutting-edge solutions.”

The MoU between Switch Mobility and MoEVing signals a major step towards sustainable urban logistics in India. 

The release stated that MoEVing intends to establish new benchmarks for operational excellence, environmental stewardship, and customer satisfaction in the logistics sector by deploying Switch’s advanced electric vehicles.