Switch Mobility Rolls Out its First IeV4 Electric Light Commercial Vehicle

Ashok Leyland has invested about ₹1200 crore in Switch Mobility in the past few months

Switch Mobility, the electric vehicle division of Ashok Leyland, announced a significant achievement on Thursday. The company launched the Switch leV4 production line at their facility in Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

The rollout of the IeV4 indicates the production kick-off for Switch Mobility’s IeV (Intelligent EV) series of electric light commercial vehicles (e-LCVs).

Switch Mobility to produce around 3,000 IeV units annually (Source: SwitchMobilityEV)

Moreover, the company’s goal is to produce around 3,000 units annually, serving various purposes, including cargo transportation, container handling, and waste management.

Also, just like its predecessor, the IeV4 will offer efficient and eco-friendly solutions for last-mile transportation requirements.

Mahesh Babu, CEO of Switch Mobility, in a recent social media post, said, “This achievement marks a significant step forward in our journey towards sustainable mobility and innovation. With cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment, we’re shaping the future of electric vehicles.”

Switch Mobility rolled out the IeV4 on Thursday and will launch the IeV3 in June 2024. (Source: SwitchMobilityEV)
IeV3 and IeV4 (Source: SwitchMobilityEV)

The company presented the IeV3 and IeV4 during Ashok Leyland’s 75th Anniversary celebrations. While the brand rolled out the IeV4 on Thursday, it will most likely launch the IeV3 in June 2024.

FAME-II comes to an end by March 2024. It does not offer a subsidy for LCVs. As the buyer has to pay more, we are offering them discounts. However, the savings per month would be in the region of ₹6,000-9000 depending on the number of kilometers travelled,” said Mahesh Babu.

Interestingly, Switch Mobility has already obtained Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) for 13,000 e-LCVs. It indicates a huge demand for the company’s e-LCVs in the market.

In fact, the brand targeted e-commerce platforms and the FMCG segment as their primary customer base.

Switch Mobility entered the e-bus with double-decker EiV12 (Source: SwitchMobilityEV)
EiV12, electric double-decker bus (Source: SwitchMobilityEV)

Earlier, the company entered the e-bus market with the launch of the double-decker EiV12, which is available in two variants (low floor and standard).

In December 2023, Ashok Leyland invested about ₹662.5 crore in Optare Plc, UK, the parent company of Switch Mobility.

Further, in February, the company made an additional investment of ₹537 crore in its electric vehicle division.

Additionally, Switch Mobility achieved over 100 million ‘Green’ km worldwide last year with its electric buses. Consequently, it resulted in the prevention of around 70,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.