iVOOMi JeetX ZE e-scooter Launched at Rs 79,999; Offers up to 170km Range

Featuring battery packs of 2.1kWh, 2.5kWh, and 3kW, the iVOOMi JeetX ZE delivers 170 km range

iVOOMi, an Indian electric two-wheeler (e2w) manufacturer, has launched the JeetX ZE at a starting price of Rs 79,999. The company engineered the JeetX ZE with extensive research and development, along with 100,000 km of testing.

It represents a significant improvement over its predecessor, the JeetX that covered over 10 million km since its launch. The current e-scooter comes in three different models, featuring battery packs of 2.1kWh, 2.5kWh, and 3kW. Moreover, bookings for the JeetX will begin from May 10th.

IVOOMi engineered the JeetX ZE with 100,000 km of rigorous testing. 
(Source: iVOOMi Energy)
(Source: iVOOMi Energy)

Range and Battery

iVOOMi manufactured the patented Gen 3 battery pack of the JeetX ZE in India, ensuring consistently optimized power consumption. Additionally, the e-scooter achieves an impressive 170 km range on a single charge, as per media sources.

With a capacity to deliver up to 7KW of power, the battery pack maintains a 20% reduction in weight compared to its predecessor. Furthermore, the cooling system of the scooter offers 2.4 times better cooling and enhanced space utilization than the JeetX model.

The JeetX ZE features a compact 12kg removable battery pack, allowing users to easily replace, take out and repair the battery. Moreover, the portable charger weighs only 826 grams, ensuring effortless charging experiences.

iVOOMi JeetX ZE has a wheelbase of 1350mm, offering stability and control

Dimensions and Features

The JeetX ZE has a wheelbase measuring 1350mm, offering stability and control. Its seat, measuring 760mm in length and 770mm in height, ensures a comfortable riding experience, particularly for longer journeys. The increased legroom and storage capacity make it well-suited for daily commuting needs.

Moreover, its mobile app, seamlessly connecting via Bluetooth, enables users to monitor important metrics at their convenience. Also, the e2w company integrated safety features to promote safer driving experience, including:

  • Distance to Empty: Providing real-time information on remaining range
  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation: Guiding users accurately during journeys.
  • Call and SMS Alerts: Ensuring connectivity without compromising safety.
  • Geo-fencing: Allowing to set limits on driving distance for added security.

Ashwin Bhandari, Co-Founder and CEO of iVOOMi said:

JeetX ZE is a testimony of high-quality engineering and innovation in the EV space. Its advanced features, performance, and style will redefine the way people perceive EV two-wheelers. We are confident that it will play an important role towards expediting India’s transition to e-mobility.

Wrapping Up

iVOOMi will provide a warranty of 5 years for the chassis, battery, and paint. Furthermore, the battery has an IP67 rating for water resistance, and the body parts are made of ERW material for impact resistance. Additionally, the company will replace any scooter part once at no extra charge for customers.