Kerala-based Tech Startup, chargeMOD to Install 1,800 EV Chargers in India

chargeMOD to set up 1800 EV charger units with 300 of them being fast chargers. Incubated under Kerala Startup Mission, the startup currently has total 3,500 EV chargers.

chargeMOD, an energy tech startup based in Kerela, has announced its expansion plans. The startup aims to install 1,200 electric vehicle chargers nationwide and 600 within Kerela. The company will install an additional 1,000 slow chargers and 200 fast chargers in various Indian states. Of these, 500 slow chargers and 100 fast chargers will be set up within Kerala.

Currently, chargeMOD has 1,500 charging stations in Kerala and 2,000 stations across the country in 10 states. Also, they have 150 fast charging stations and provide customer support in six languages.

Launch of Ultra-Fast Chargers

ChargeMOD EV charging station
ChargeMOD EV charging station

As stated in a press release, chargeMOD is gearing up to introduce Ultra-Fast Chargers that will offer capacities ranging from 120 kW to 340 kW. The initiative aims to boost charging speeds and convenience for EV users in India.

M Ramanunni, CEO and co-founder of chargeMOD said that the startup has reached impressive heights. He said that even after facing challenges like inexpensive imported charges, chargeMOD doesn’t want to compromise quality and affordability. With a focus on reliability and efficiency, chargeMOD aims to be a key player that shapes the EV charging industry in India.

Ramanunni added that by creating an ecosystem for EV charging, the company has raised the bar and set new standards in the electric vehicle charging industry. With AC slow chargers located within a 5 km radius and DC fast chargers within a 50 km radius, chargeMOD intends to provide accessible and convenient charging solutions for EV users nationwide.

According to the startup, over 120 new people subscribe to chargeMOD’s network daily. Moreover, the company facilitated emission-free travel exceeding four million kilometres, prevented over 995 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, and saved over 160,000 litres of gasoline

About chargeMOD

Incubated under Kerala Startup Mission, the startup developed an indigenous mobile app for charging stations. They were the first in the state to do so. Furthermore, their mobile app helps EV owners to discover nearby charging stations.

Although chargeMOD manufactures EV charging units in Kerala, it does not have ownership of any charging stations. Its primary strategy revolves around an asset-light model, wherein it aids people with suitable land to set up their charging stations. The landowner can invest directly in station installation, or the startup facilitates third-party investors to cover the costs.

In addition to strategic partnerships, the company collaborated with industry leaders such as Larsen & Toubro, Tata Power, TVS Motors, National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC), Energy Management Centre (EMC), and Kochi Metro Rail Limited for various projects.

Stating its prominence in the Indian EV charging sector, chargeMOD operates a network of over 2,000 chargers and commands a substantial market share in Kerala’s EV charging sector.