Lotus Eletre EV Launched in India With a Starting Price of Rs 2.55 Crore

Lotus Eletre has been launched as the latest electric SUV in India which combines performance and luxury

Lotus Group, a British performance car manufacturer has decided to try their hands on the Indian car market with the launch of the all-new pure electric performance SUV. Called the Lotus Eletre, the new premium EV will be available in 3 variants, with the base variant costing Rs 2.55 crore. A step-up option with the name Lotus Eletre S will come with a price tag of Rs 2.75 crore, while the top-spec variant, the Lotus Eletre R carries a quotation of Rs 2.99 crore. For the deliveries of the SUV, the company has chosen Exclusive Motors situated in New Delhi. For those unaware, Exclusive Motors holds expertise in working with premium car makers like Bentley.

Since Lotus Eletre falls under the category of Performance and Luxury SUVs, it directly competes with the likes of Lamborghini Urus and Audi RS Q8. During its launch, Satya Bagla, Managing Director – Exclusive Motors India said, “There is a lot of support from the Government of India, in the electrification programme and charging infra are created in a very fast manner. It is done in a very robust manner and is very encouraging. We feel that’s the right time now to bring in luxury electric vehicles.”

Lotus Eletre EV Exterior Design:

From the front, the Lotus Eletre sports distinct headlights which are not connected by any means, a sharp turn from the trending headlight designs. Thanks to these and the 2 deep cuts carved on it, the hood of the electric SUV look extremely sporty and cool. As for the side, the prominent thing to notice is the car’s sloping roof design minus the Coupe format. The sleek alloys meant for better aerodynamic efficiency also grab attention.

Minor details, like the vent beside the fender, and a 360-degree camera on the fender, are also quite noticeable. In a rather cool fashion, the door handles on the Lotus Eletre EV follow the design of Teslas and Range Rovers. The rear is quite simple in comparison. Along with the roof spoiler, there is an electronically controlled boot spoiler and a single continuous running LED light. This LED light also serves as a charging indicator using green and turquoise colours. The Eletre is available in 5 colour options, Galloway Green, Stellar Black, Kaimu Grey, Blossom Grey and Solar Yellow.

Lotus Eletre EV Interior Design and Features:

The cabin of Eletre is a no-joke, all filled and stitched with Alcantara leather. Any hard plastic is hard to find. The steering is all stitched well in leather and just like the steering, those bucket seats hug you making you all ready for those hard accelerating pulls. Rear passengers get bucket seats too. There is a high-definition OLED 15.1 foldable central screen providing the best audio-visual entertainment. Moreover, it gets a 12-way adjustable seat, multi-colour ambient lights and an ADAS system for ease of driving. It also offers a small screen from where the songs and some other functions can be controlled.

Lotus Eletre EV Specifications:

The standard Lotus Eletre and Eletre S is powered by a 112kWh battery pack which is paired with a dual-motor system that produces 603hp of maximum power, 710 Nm of maximum torque and provides a maximum range of 600 km. The Eletre and Eletre S can do 0-100 kmph in 4.5 seconds. The performance variant, Eletre R is powered by the same 112kWh battery pack which is mated to the same dual motor setup but the catch here is a 2-speed transmission, Lotus has somehow managed to put the 2-speed transmission and now the car produces a good 905hp of maximum power and crazy traction losing 985 Nm of maximum torque. However, the range offered is comparatively less, at 490 km. This performance variant ‘R’ can do 0-100kmph in just under 2.95 seconds. To power this battery the company will provide a 22kWh AC charger as standard. From 10-80 percent the battery can be charged under 20 minutes with a rapid charger.