MS Dhoni to be Investor and Brand Ambassador of Pune-based Startup EMotorad

With a top speed of 25kmph, Rs 53,000 EMotorad Doodle V3 e-bike can cover the distance of around 60km on a single charge

EMotorad, a Pune-based startup, has announced a collaboration with the former captain of the Indian team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. According to multiple reports, Dhoni has invested in the startup and become the company’s brand ambassador.

In addition, Dhoni expressed his excitement about the venture by stating, “The future is in our hands. We are in an era where innovation plays a huge role in shaping sustainable solutions, and I’m a fan of new-age companies that build these. EMotorad stands at the forefront of shaping the future of mobility, and I am thrilled to be a part of this journey!”

The EMotorad Doodle V3 e-bike features a lock-out option and foldable design. (Source: EMotorad)
Dhoni with Rs 53,000 Doodle V3 e-bike (Source: EMotorad)

The company aims to expand its electric bike sales worldwide, making travel more convenient for people. Moreover, the startup strives to reshape transportation by investing in advanced technology, forming strategic collaborations, and providing exceptional quality and value.

Recently, MS Dhoni was spotted riding the Doodle V3 e-bike, likely for an official shoot with the company. Priced at Rs 53,000, the Doodle V3 e-bike features a lock-out option and foldable design. Furthermore, with a top speed of 25kmph, it can cover around 60km on a single charge.

EMotorad secured funding of Rs 164 crore last November. (Source: EMotorad)
Dhoni has become the brand ambassador of the Pune-Based Startup (Source: EMotorad)

About the Startup EMotarad

In 2020, Rajib Gangopadhyay, Kunal Gupta, Aditya Oza, and Sumedh Battewar founded EMotorad, a company specializing in e-bikes.

EMotorad’s co-founder and CEO, Kunal Gupta, commented, “It requires a great degree of level-headedness with humility to be MS Dhoni. He is nothing short of India’s national icon who embodies leadership, teamwork, adaptability, and maintaining calmness under pressure – be it on the pitch or off. He’s Thala for a reason! He perfectly embodies the core values of EMotorad: someone with passion, authenticity, and most importantly love for bikes, cars, and now our e-cycles.”

Moreover, the startup secured funding of Rs 164 crore last November. In addition, the company secured funding in the Series B round, headed by Panthera Growth Partners. EMotorad used the received capital to boost the manufacturing capacity of the business.

Furthermore, with over 350 dealerships and over 10 EM experience centers, the startup has established a robust network in India.