Nissan Revives the Legendary ‘Skyline’ as Electric SUV and Fastback

The Skyline electric SUV will likely be similar to the Nissan Ariya

Nissan plans to restore its renowned ‘Skyline’ brand, bringing it into the electric sector with a forthcoming SUV and a powerful fastback. The Skyline moniker debuted in 1989, following Nissan’s merger with Prince Motor Company, with the R32 Skyline GT-R, popularly called “Godzilla” in the 1990s. According to recent sources, Nissan plans to relaunch the Skyline with an electric SUV similar to the Ariya with 450 BHP and a dual-motor fastback with 443 BHP for a US release under the Infiniti name.

The refreshed Nissan Skyline lineup includes two eye-catching models: a sporty electric SUV and a four-door fastback. The Skyline SUV, inspired by the Nissan Ariya, is expected to launch around 2025, with a price tag of roughly 55 lakhs. This powerful electric offering is expected to produce 450 BHP, delivering a strong performance. Simultaneously, the electric fastback variant, which is fitted with a dual-motor layout, is expected to power all four wheels and provide a significant 443 BHP. This fastback edition, which is expected to be priced at 60 lakhs, promises to provide a balance of performance and stylish style.

Both variations demonstrate Nissan’s dedication to fusing its famous history with cutting-edge electrified technologies. The SUV’s Ariya platform provides a strong basis for performance and dependability, while the fastback’s dual-motor arrangement emphasizes balanced power distribution for improved driving characteristics.

Nissan’s decision to revive the iconic ‘Skyline’ name unveils an electrifying shift in its storied sports car legacy. The transition from combustion engines to powerful electric drivetrains marks a bold step towards sustainability and innovation. The introduction of the electric Skyline SUV and fastback models, each boasting impressive power outputs—450 BHP and 443 BHP respectively—showcases Nissan’s dedication to marrying performance with eco-friendly technologies. As Nissan prepares to launch these models, likely to be priced at Rs 55 lakhs and Rs 60 lakhs, it reflects the brand’s adaptation to changing automotive landscapes, promising enthusiasts a thrilling new chapter in the Skyline saga while embracing the future of electric mobility in India.