Nissan Won’t Invest in ICE Vehicles Amid Japanese Rivals’ New Engine Commitment

Nissan sold 5,640 Ariya vehicles in the US, 5,187 in Europe, and 601 in Japan as of April 2024

Toyota, Mazda, and Subaru have recently announced their collaboration to manufacture new combustion engines. In contrast, another Japanese automaker has chosen to go a different pathway. Nissan stated its commitment to an electric future, emphasizing its decision not to invest in new gas or diesel-powered engines.

In the auto world, Nissan is perceived as the leader of the EV revolution. It introduced the LEAF as the “world’s first mass-produced electric car.” However, the automaker experienced a setback. In 2020, the Tesla Model 3 snatched the top-selling electric car title from the LEAF.

After a few years, the company introduced Ariya, its second global EV and debut electric SUV. As LEAF sales declined notably in all major regions, Ariya has stepped in to compensate. The automaker sold 5,640 Ariya vehicles in the US, 5,187 in Europe, and 601 in Japan, as of April 2024.

Nissan aims to transition entirely to electric vehicles in Europe by 2030 (Source: Nissan)
The Chill Out Concept (Source: Nissan)

No future plans for the ICE engine

While Japanese competitors commit to developing next-gen ICE engines, Nissan remains focused on an all-electric future. The automaker previously disclosed intentions to transition entirely to electric vehicles in Europe by 2030. Now, the automaker confirms it has no intentions of spending money on future ICE engine development.

Francois Bailly, Nissan’s senior vice president and chief planning officer for the AMIEO (Africa, Middle East, India, Europe, and Oceania) region, told the media:

Our future is EV. We’re not investing in new powertrain for ICE, that’s for sure. e-Power is a stepping stone to get there, and each market will go at their own pace.

Currently, Nissan is preparing to introduce a wave of refreshed electric models, including a next-generation LEAF EV. The company revealed revised business plans that aim for electrified vehicles to represent 60% of sales by 2030.

Nissan is considering bringing Ariya EV to India in 2024 (Source: Nissan)
Ariya EV in sunrise copper pearl color

Will Nissan EV come to India?

In the Indian market, Nissan currently holds a niche position as a manufacturer. Its portfolio includes only the Magnite, but the company is actively developing several new products, including the Kuro Special Edition and Geza CVT.

The brand has announced plans to introduce six new cars in the coming years. Among them is an affordable EV, which the company has now confirmed.

The automaker is considering bringing Ariya EV to India in 2024. It would be the brand’s first EV offering in India. Additionally, the CMF-B platform, used for its C-SUV segments, will more likely serve as the foundation for future EV models.