Ola Electric Patent Removable Battery Could Power Future Electric Vehicles

Ola Electric will launch its first e-motorcycle in 2025, followed by an electric car in the later decade

Ola Electric has filed a design patent for a swappable battery pack for its upcoming electric vehicles. The patent design showcases a cylindrical structure with a convenient top handle, similar to existing swappable batteries.

The V1 models from the Hero-owned Vida brand are currently the only electric scooters featuring removable batteries. Meanwhile, Honda offers swappable batteries in electric three-wheelers in specific markets. Moreover, Yuma Energy employs swappable batteries for its EVs, providing a last-mile transportation solution.

Most likely, Ola Electric will opt for swappable batteries for commercial purposes. Their aim is to minimize downtime effectively. Despite the AppScooter featuring removable batteries, Ola excluded this feature from the S1 lineup. With Ola Electric’s established presence in India, the company is considering reintroducing this option.

Ola's S1 didn't feature removable batteries (Source: Ola Electric)
Ola S1X scooters (Source: Ola Electric)

Ola’s Diverse EV Strategy

Ola’s entry into the electric three-wheeler market is apparent from its recent design patents. These patents include an e-rickshaw tailored for last-mile mobility and an e2w cargo vehicle intended for last-mile delivery.

The introduction of swappable batteries in these vehicles may considerably minimize downtime, which is critical for business owners. Additionally, the patented technology implies the inclusion of a user-friendly handle and Ola branding on the battery pack. However, precise information regarding the battery’s capacity or chemistry remains undisclosed.

Ola will unveil its first e-bike in 2025 (Source: Ola Electric)
(Source: Ola Electric)

Final Thoughts

At present, electric scooters lead the Indian electric two-wheeler market, surpassing electric motorcycles by a considerable margin in sales. Manufacturers are responding to this trend by placing growing emphasis on the development of EV technologies for scooters, which make up the majority of sales.

Ola Electric leads the transition with its popular S1 series of electric scooters. Ola’s upcoming lineup features electric scooters, three-wheelers, electric cars, and e-motorcycles. The company will unveil its first e-bike in 2025, followed by the introduction of an electric car later in the decade. The newly patented swappable battery technology has the potential to enhance all of these offerings.