Ola Electric Scooter Achieves 107% Growth in June 2024, Leading the E2W Market

Most affordable Ola Electric scooter is the S1 X, priced at Rs. 74,999, followed by Ola S1 X+ with price of Rs. 89,999

Ola Electric maintains its dominance in the Indian electric two-wheeler (EV 2W) market. It registered a staggering 107% year-on-year growth in June 2024 compared to the same month of the previous year.

To be more precise, the company registered 36,716 electric scooters, solidifying its hold on the market with a 46% share. Moreover, the Indian e2w company achieved notable growth in Q1 FY25, recording a 57% increase compared to the same quarter of the previous year. As of June 2024, their registrations have crossed an impressive 1.08 lakh, demonstrating the growing popularity of their electric scooters.

This impressive growth has led Ola Electric to achieve a notable milestone. Also, it became the first EV 2W company to achieve over 2 lakh registrations in the first half of a calendar year. With more than 2.28 lakh registrations already recorded in 2024, Ola Electric is one of the preferred brands.

Anshul Khandelwal, Chief Marketing Officer at Ola Electric, said:

“We’ve held the top spot in the EV 2W segment for seven consecutive quarters now.”

Ola Electric Scooter pricing (Source: Ola Electric)
(Source: Ola Electric)

Ola Electric Scooter Price

Ola Electric offers a diverse range of options with its S1 portfolio. Furthermore, the scooters feature three battery configurations: 2 kWh, 3 kWh, and 4 kWh.

The most affordable Ola Electric scooter is the S1 X, priced at Rs. 74,999. Next in line is the Ola S1 X+, which costs Rs. 89,999. Following that is the Ola S1 Air, priced at Rs. 1.05 lakh.

The most expensive model in the range is the Ola S1 Pro, which costs Rs. 1.30 lakh. Note that all prices mentioned are ex-showroom prices.

Ola slashes prices of S1X variants. (Source: Ola Electric)
(Source: Ola Electric)

Wrapping Up

Ola Electric provides an eight-year or 80,000 km extended battery warranty with every scooter without any additional charges. Also, additional warranty options allow customers to increase coverage to either one lakh km or 1.25 lakh km.

Factors like diverse product choices, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service drive Ola Electric’s role in India’s electric revolution. The commitment of the company to make EVs accessible to everyone ensures they maintain a prominent position in the electric vehicle market.