Tata Nexon EV Owner Uses Quirky Way to Keep His Car Cool During Summers 

Nexon EV air conditioning is notably subpar and struggles during the hottest hours of the day

As summer temperatures rise, people plan ways to stay cool and counter the intense heat. Likewise, there are specific tips to follow for a seamless journey in an EV during the summer months. Despite their reputation for efficiency, electric vehicles may experience altered performance in the summer months.

Recently, a clever way to combat the intense summer heat surfaced on Reddit, where a photo showed a Tata Nexon EV with damp sack cloths placed on its roof to cool it down. 

According to the post, a senior cardiologist at IGIC Patna, Bihar, owned this specific vehicle. The post highlighted that he reached out to the service center due to the AC’s inadequate performance. It then mentioned that the service center staff were unable to resolve the issue, so he has been using damp sack cloth on roof since last summer.

Many individuals commenting on the post have shared their own experiences. They’ve indicated that this issue is common with the Tata Nexon EV. Several users have mentioned that the Nexon EV’s air conditioning is notably subpar and struggles during the hottest hours of the day.

So, how can you keep your EV cool in Indian summers?

Below are five tips to ensure your electrical vehicle remains in excellent condition throughout the summer season.

Park your EV in the shade (Representative Image: Vecteezy)
  • Park Your EV in the Shade

    Parking your electric vehicle in a shaded area is among the simplest methods to keep it cool during the summer. Unlike internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, which run on fuel, electric vehicles operate using battery packs. Therefore, extended exposure to high temperatures can impact the battery and car’s performance. 

    Parking your electric car in the shade lessens the duration required for the air conditioning system to cool the interior, conserving battery energy and enhancing the vehicle’s driving range.
Representative Image: Unsplash
  • Restrict Rapid Charging

    Many people want their electric car to charge as fast as possible. However, using fast DC chargers for rapid charging can lead to battery heating because of the high kW levels. In hot weather, reduce the frequency of rapid charging and choose AC chargers whenever possible to prevent overheating and maintain battery longevity.
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  • Follow the 20/80 Charging Rule

    If you don’t know the 20/80 charging rule, here it is for you. Charge your electric vehicle when the battery level falls to 20% and disconnect it once it reaches 80%. This approach supports the preservation of battery health and effectiveness.
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  • Painting and Coatings

    Another way to minimize heat absorption is to paint the vehicle’s roof white or use reflective paint. Light colors like white reflect sunlight more effectively than darker shades, which tend to absorb more heat. 

    Professional body shops offer this service for a lasting result. However, if you are a DIY enthusiast, you can choose reflective spray paints for a more hands-on approach.
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  • Avoid Excessive Acceleration

    Despite the remarkable instant torque of electric vehicles, pushing acceleration too hard in summer can strain the battery pack and result in overheating. In order to mitigate this risk, it’s best to avoid aggressive acceleration, especially when temperatures are high.

So here are a few various ways in which you can cool down your electric vehicle with the help of different things and techniques.