Tesla Cybertruck Owner Rushed to ER After Wrist Injury During Delivery

Cybertruck owner's wrist sliced on sharp car corner, where side panels and the tailgate meet

Tesla Cybertruck Owners Club forum member bdesign, like many eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new vehicle, shared his experience. Four years ago, he booked his first stainless-steel electric pickup truck. Then, earlier this year, he was invited to confirm his final order. However, what followed was unexpected – the new Tesla would eventually lead him to seek medical attention in the emergency room.

Despite expressing some concerns on the forum, bdesign decided that switching to the Cybertruck was the right choice. As a result, he scheduled his delivery on May 25. 

On the day of delivery, things didn’t unfold as he had anticipated. The truck had numerous visual flaws and construction quality problems. It was evident that the service center team had not prepared the vehicle. Shortly after receiving it, he described the truck in a forum post as being in a “sloppy condition upon delivery.”

During delivery, Cybertruck had numerous visual flaws and construction quality issues (Source: bdesign/reddit)
(Source: bdesign/reddit)

He noted several problems in the Cybertruck, including:

  • Dirty interior windshield 
  • Rail dust rust in the front hood
  • A loose rubber seal along the tonneau cover
  • During the initial drive, a panel from the truck bed came off
  • A visible small dent or divot on the tailgate

The dent particularly caught his eye. He ran his finger over the damaged section to determine if it was a dent or residue. While rubbing the damaged area of the panel, he experienced a sudden sharp pain and quickly withdrew his hand.

As a result of the angle of his arm, it seems he sliced his wrist open on the highly sharp corner where the side panels and the tailgate meet.

At first, he believed it was merely a surface-level cut. Similarly, the Tesla employees initially perceived it as a minor incident. They jokingly said, “This thing can be dangerous!” However, their perspective changed when they observed blood gathering on the ground beneath him. In response, the service team hurried to retrieve a first aid kit, using it to clean and dress his wound.

Even after the disastrous delivery, bdesign finished the required paperwork and took the truck home. Nonetheless, by the end of the day, his injury showed no signs of healing, leading him to spend the evening in the emergency room.

Cybertruck's exterior may pose a risk to both owners and pedestrians (Source: Tesla)
(Source: Tesla)

Unfortunately, bdesign is not the first owner to experience an injury from the Cybertruck. Earlier, another owner accidentally cut themselves on the door’s edge while exiting the car.

Certainly, this kind of door-related injury is not uncommon. For example, a Bolt EUV owner encountered this issue multiple times. Similarly, a Rivian owner sustained a leg injury by the gear tunnel door.

However, the exceptionally sharp edges of the Cybertruck’s exterior may pose a risk to both owners and pedestrians. It is something auto reviewers, safety specialists, and owners have been highlighting for several months.

Hence, this is not a singular occurrence. We hope this doesn’t become more prevalent as more trucks hit the streets.