Tesla Cybertruck Will Turn into a Boat Using a Special Mod Package

The Cybertruck has already been claimed to have a very high water wading capacity

Tesla CEO Elon Musk acknowledged plans for a “mod package” that will convert the Cybertruck into a temporary watercraft capable of travelling 100 meters of water. The plan comes as a continuation of Musk’s prior claim about Tesla automobiles’ potential to temporarily float. Though such claims have not been taken seriously due to contradictory wording in Tesla’s warranty conditions, Musk remains constant, stressing the Cybertruck’s off-road design and claiming it will likely be “waterproof enough” to cross bodies of water.

Tesla Cybertruck

While Musk has previously stated that Tesla cars may be used as boats, this is especially true with the Cybertruck. He emphasized its waterproofing ability, implying that it could go over rivers, lakes, and very calm seas. Note that the electric pickup truck can be seen making such daring attempts in its promotional video.

Musk also laid out a particular target for the Cybertruck: crossing the 360-meter gap between SpaceX’s Starbase and South Padre Island in Texas. Recent disclosures concerning the Cybertruck’s Off-Road Mode containing a “Wade Mode” boost its water traversal capabilities by pressurizing the battery pack for improved sealing.

In response to Tesla’s VP of engineering, Lars Moravy, the CEO hinted at an upcoming mod package. This kit intends to make it easier for the Cybertruck to be converted into a water-traveling vehicle by upgrading cabin door seals. However, specifics about the product and its availability remain unknown.

Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk’s reaffirmation of Tesla’s plans to provide a mod package demonstrates the company’s dedication to expanding the Cybertruck’s adaptability beyond standard road use. Musk’s steadfast vision of the Cybertruck serving as a temporary watercraft coincides with Tesla’s ongoing pursuit of unorthodox yet game-changing automotive innovations. As events unfold, the execution and reception of this expected mod package will almost certainly get a lot of attention and interest.