Volkswagen Unveils Sporty GTX variants of ID.3 and ID.7 Tourer Models

Volkswagen has unveiled the ID.7 GTX Tourer as the most powerful wagon ever made by the firm

Volkswagen has introduced two new models to its GTX lineup of high-performance electric vehicles, unveiling the Golf-like hot-hatch ID.3 GTX and the estate car ID.7 GTX Tourer.

As per Volkswagen, Europe will witness the launch of the two highly dynamic models soon. Moreover, the ID.3 GTX and ID.7 GTX Tourer will feature individual exterior designs, with distinct front and lighting signatures, along with sporty interior detailing and powerful performance output.

The GTX models stand out for their sporty and dynamic characteristics, offering a unique and remarkably exciting type of electric mobility. The ID.3 GTX and ID.7 GTX Tourer, with distinctive technical configuration, will have Volkswagen’s impressive and renowned driving dynamics.

Since 2021, the sportiest editions of Volkswagen’s all-electric ID. product line have carried the GTX label, inspired by the dynamic GTI, GTD, or GTE models.

Volkswagen ID.3 GTX

Volkswagen ID.3 will come in two variants, with ID.3 GTX Performance being the sporty model (Source: Volkswagen)

Volkswagen will introduce the rear-wheel-drive ID.3 GTX in two variants, with the top-of-the-line sporty model being the ID.3 GTX Performance

The ID.3 GTX will have a unique exterior design. The front bumper of the GTX variant has a new black air intake in a diamond-style design, along with brand-new daytime running lights.

The body’s black elements have a sleek, high-gloss finish. The same high-gloss finish carries over to the redesigned side sills and the updated lower rear end with the diffuser. Additionally, the 20-inch Skagen alloy wheels come standard.

Equipped as standard, the premium sports seats, crafted with an ergonomic design using fabric and leatherette, highlight the sporty character of the ID.3 models.

Adding to its aesthetic, the GTX model features red decorative stitching on the seats and a multi-function steering wheel. Moreover, the high-performance ID.3 GTX variant comes with DCC adaptive chassis control.

The ID.7 GTX Tourer

The ID.7 GTX Tourer will be VW's the most powerful wagon ever. (Source: Volkswagen)

With its introduction, the ID.7 GTX Tourer will be the most powerful model in the product line. Similar to the ID.4 GTX and ID.5 GTX, it features a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system that delivers power to both the front and rear axles simultaneously.

At the front, the ID.7 GTX Tourer will feature a unique bumper with a honeycomb grille and GTX-specific light graphics, including illuminated badges.

Similar to the ID.3 GTX, all black elements on the ID.7 GTX Tourer feature a high-gloss finish. Moreover, just like the ID.3 GTX, the ID.7 GTX Tourer comes standard with 20-inch Skagen alloy wheels.

Enhancing the interior, personalized seats (front seats heated) feature perforated GTX lettering on the backrests, complemented by red piping. Also, there are red seams on the dash panel and door trims and a GTX-specific multi-function steering wheel with red decorative stitching.

The luggage compartment capacity, offering up to 1,714 litres, is equal to that of the rear-wheel drive variants.

The popularity of GTX models in Europe is evident, with every fifth newly registered ID.4 and ID.5 being a GTX model.

Although the ID.3 GTX and the ID.7 GTX Tourer will be launched soon in Europe, they won’t be available in the US.