Bajaj Auto to Unveil ‘Bruzer’: India’s First CNG Bike Launch on July 5

CNG motorcycle will reduce running costs by 50% compared to petrol-only motorcycles in the same category

Bajaj Auto is going to launch India’s first CNG-powered motorcycle on July 5, 2024, in Pune, as per media reports. The motorcycle will be named ‘Bruzer’. Earlier, it was supposed to launch in mid-June.

Bajaj has confirmed that the new CNG-powered motorcycle will be unveiled by Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), and Rajiv Bajaj, the Managing Director of Bajaj Auto.

Nitin Gadkari will be unveiled by Nitin Gadkari and Rajiv Bajaj
(Source: Bajaj Auto)

What to Expect?

The two-wheeler giant, Bajaj, has a history of making CNG three-wheelers. However, this will be the first time they introduce a motorcycle powered by CNG.

The company aims at the commuter market with motorcycles ranging from 100 cc to 150 cc. The upcoming bike will be the first in a series of new CNG-powered bikes planned by the company.

For the Bruzer, Bajaj is likely to target cost-conscious buyers. According to the company, the CNG motorcycle will reduce running costs by 50% compared to petrol-only motorcycles in the same category.

Details about the motorcycle are still unknown, but images of the test versions indicate that it will have a double cradle frame. Moreover, the CNG tank will be positioned lengthwise along the motorcycle.

Bajaj CNG bike spotted testing with Platina 110 (source: Bajaj Auto)
(Source: Bajaj Auto)

Design and Features

Regarding its design, the test version of the motorcycle had standard features like round headlamps, a telescopic fork, and a front disc brake. However, it stood out with a longer-than-usual single-piece seat.

In the teaser image, the Bajaj CNG bike has a long and flat single-piece seat. This design is specifically made to fit the CNG cylinder beneath it. On top of where the fuel tank typically goes, there is a panel that should open to access the valve of the CNG tank.

The motorcycle will have a small additional petrol tank for use when it runs out of CNG. Furthermore, it features a sloped engine design, likely around 125cc in size, to achieve performance similar to a 110cc bike. It’s understandable because CNG doesn’t provide power compared to petrol. However, CNG is less costly than petrol, which should result in lower running costs.

Wrapping Up

Once it is available in the market, the new CNG motorcycle will not have any competitors. However, Bajaj will most likely sell the upcoming CNG bike in cities that have sufficient CNG pumps.