Bajaj Offers Sneak Peek of New CNG Bike Ahead of Official July 5 Launch

New Bajaj CNG bike with a 125cc engine will achieve performance similar to that of a 110cc petrol bike

Bajaj Auto is taking a step forward towards sustainable mobility by introducing the world’s first CNG-powered bike on July 5. Following several leaked spy shots, the company shared a teaser on social media about the upcoming launch.

The teaser video provides important details about the new Bajaj CNG bike. It confirms reports regarding a blue toggle switch positioned on the left side of the switch cube. The switch will allow users to change between petrol and CNG modes.

The leaked design blueprints indicate that Bajaj plans to use a sloper engine design to accommodate CNG and petrol tanks. This will maximize space for all fuel systems and other components.

Moreover, the automaker will position the CNG cylinder under the flat seat of the bike, supported by a tubular steel cradle frame. Also, the bike will have a smaller auxiliary petrol tank as a backup if it runs out of CNG.

Expected Features

Although not confirmed, spy shots indicate that the upcoming CNG bike will feature:

  • A circular LED headlight
  • Bulb indicators
  • Small front cowl
  • Knuckle guards
  • A sleek taillamp

In addition, the bike’s riding position integrates a braced handlebar with handguards, mid-set footpegs and a long single-piece seat. Moreover, the bike will feature 5-spoke alloy wheels and likely have a telescopic front fork and a rear mono-shock for suspension.

The bike could feature a front disc brake and a rear drum brake for stopping power, possibly mounted on 17-inch alloy wheels. However, it’s uncertain whether the bike will include a single-channel ABS or CBS.

Bajaj engine size is likely to be between 110cc and 125cc
Bajaj CNG bike teaser (Source: Bajaj)

Other Details

Bajaj hasn’t revealed the exact engine size of the upcoming bike. But as per several reports, it’s likely to be between 110cc and 125cc. That’s because Bajaj aims to target semi-urban and rural markets.

A noteworthy point is that CNG-powered models generally have less power than their petrol counterparts. Thus, if the new Bajaj CNG bike comes with a 125cc engine, it will achieve performance similar to that of a 110cc petrol bike. Furthermore, expect the price of the bike to be higher than the Platina (Rs 68,262) and the CT (Rs 69,626).

Rumors suggest that Bajaj will name the upcoming CNG bike ‘Bruzer.’ However, we have to wait for a couple of days as the official confirmation will come on the launch day.

Currently, there are no competitors for the Bajaj CNG bike in the Indian two-wheeler market.

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