Trump Criticizes Biden’s Electric Car Policies, Vows Reversal if Re-elected

Trump says Biden wants 50% new vehicle sales to be electric by 2030, offering tax credits of up to $7,500

Donald Trump criticized President Joe Biden’s electric car policies in a meeting with House Republicans on Thursday. Trump told lawmakers he would change them back if he becomes president again in November.

Trump spoke to lawmakers at the Capitol Hill Club. Representative Russ Fulcher, a Republican from Idaho, said in an interview that Trump called the push for battery and electric cars “crazy.”

Trump made these remarks during his first meeting in Washington since his criminal conviction in New York last month. At the same time, a key electric vehicle policy of Biden’s was contested in court. Industry groups representing oil and ethanol filed a lawsuit on Thursday. They aim to block new air pollution limits set by the Environmental Protection Agency in March. Furthermore, they argue that these limits would unlawfully compel automakers to sell electric cars.

Biden considers the transition to battery-powered cars a major focus of his environmental and industrial plans. He aims for 50% of new vehicle sales to be electric by 2030. Also, he’s offering consumers tax credits of up to $7,500 to encourage electric car purchases. On the other hand, Trump openly dislikes electric vehicles and believes they are ineffective and will help China and Mexico while harming American auto workers.

Representative Morgan Griffith, a Republican from Virginia, summarizing Trump’s comments, mentioned that Trump referred Biden’s EV policies as “crazy” and indicated that he plans to take action to address it.

Tesla Cybertruck owner rushed to ER after wrist injury during delivery (Source: Telsa)
Tesla Cyberstuck (Source: Telsa)

Donald Trump: A Fan of Cybertruck?

As we said earlier, Trump didn’t have a taste for electric cars, but he does like the Tesla Cybertruck. Well! At least, that’s what Tesla CEO Elon Musk claims. Musk mentioned during the annual Tesla shareholders’ meeting that Trump frequently calls him and is a fan of the Cybertruck.

Telsa revealed the Cybertruck to the public in 2019. After facing several launch challenges, it was finally delivered to customers in November 2023. Despite attracting many buyers, it’s not the most popular Tesla model yet.

The success of the Cybertruck is still uncertain. But Musk says Trump speaks positively about the model and has expressed confidence in EVs being the future. Also, Musk suggests that Trump’s support for the Cybertruck is because he believes in EVs.

However, Trump’s large collection of personal cars includes only one electric vehicle – a Tesla Roadster. It’s uncertain whether he has added a Cybertruck to his collection.