MG India Trademarks Excelor EV, Likely to be its Third Electric Car in India

Currently, MG offers only two EVs in the Indian market – Comet EV and ZS EV

MG Motor India has successfully obtained the trademark for the name ‘Excelor EV’ in India. The Chinese carmaker filed the trademark last year, and it has been “accepted and advertised.”

Currently, MG offers only two EVs in the Indian market – Comet EV and ZS EV. However, securing the trademark for ‘Excelor EV’ suggests that MG Motor India may be planning to launch its third electric vehicle in India.

More Information on Excelor EV

As of now, there are no specifications available for the Excelor EV. Interestingly, the Excelor EV is not part of MG’s model lineup in any of its global markets. It’s worth noting that securing a trademark gives the company the right to use that particular name. However, it doesn’t guarantee the launch of that same model.

There will be two new launches from MG in 2024. One of these launches is likely to be the 2024 MG Gloster, which may receive a few upgrades, including aesthetics and functional improvements. The second launch, expected to be an EV, could be the one MG trademarked as the Excelor EV.

At the 2023 Auto Expo, MG displayed various models from its global lineup to attract customer interest. The exhibited models included the eMG6 hybrid sedan, MG eHS SUV, MG eRX5 SUV, and the Marvel R. MG might rebrand one of these models and introduce it as the Excelor EV in the Indian market.

Growth Potential of MG in India

With the rise of electric vehicles from other Chinese brands globally, MG will take a step forward more carefully. Furthermore, the company aims to launch five new models by 2028, possibly battery electric vehicles. 

In the past two years, MG introduced one brand-new model, and that is the Comet EV. Moreover, recently, the company launched new variants of the Comet with a 7.4 kW AC fast charging option. Impressively, this brings down the charging time on the new MG Comet EV to under 3.5 hours (0-100 per cent).

Interestingly, a significant development in MG’s Indian operations occurred as Indian conglomerate JSW acquired a 35 per cent stake in the company. Following this acquisition, MG will once again aim to accelerate its growth in India. MG, in partnership with JSW, will announce its upcoming strategies for the Indian market on March 20. Additionally, MG will unveil a new electric vehicle.

At present, there’s only speculation that the electric vehicle could be the Excelor EV, a name trademarked by MG. However, we will have to wait for a few days to get more details about it.